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Seaside Stables is currently home to just 9 extremely gentle horses.

Several of them are Caribbean bred Paso Fino type horses which have an amazingly smooth ambling gait. Paso Finos have been called "the smoothest riding horse in the world" and "the Rolls Royce" of horses. They are one of the longest lived horses with a typical life span of around 40 years, and are extremely easy to handle with a gentle and friendly demeanor.

As equine advocates we have also rescued and successfully rehabilitated several Puerto Rican Off Track Thoroughbreds over the years.

We are also very fortunate to have 2 Criollo horses which are native to Uruguay, Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay. The Criollo horse is inexorably linked with the Gauchos, cowboys of the South American Pampas.

If you have never been on a horse before or have ridden all your life we have the perfect horse for you!